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Fire Watch Course Training

About Fire Watch Training Course

Fire Watch Training Course :

The aim of the training is to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge on the danger of fire conflagration; understanding of the Company Safety Manual relating to fire safety; Strict adherence to the requirements as per Hot Work Permit; Use of availablemeans not only fire extinguisher to prevent fire from spreading or for fire suppression.

Course Overview :

  • Be knowledgeable of the chemistry of fire.
  • Understand the nature of fire on how it transfer and the different sources of heat.
  • Have knowledge on fire prevention and understand existing company fire safety program.
  • Use fire extinguisher effectively by choosing the appropriate unit for a specific type of fire.
  • Understand emergency procedure and can assume as fire evacuation assistant in an event of emergency.
  • Gain understanding of the Hot Work Permit procedure.
  • Gain knowledge on handling compressed gas cylinder.