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First-Aid Course :

ITAC Safety is a Dubai based company offering internationally recognized safety training courses and is certified by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS).. We provide first aid training at various levels focusing on basic primary emergency care courses such as First Aid, CPR & AED and Pediatric First Aid, as well as Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers. Training courses are all set up to be interactive and practical in nature guided by excellent videos and training manuals and equipment. The training centre is well equipped with all First Aid equipment to provide best quality training and assure our clients avail the maximum benefit. Our experienced international Training Managers conduct all our training sessions using integrated teaching methods and use interactive and hands-on experience during all Training Courses.

Our First Aid Courses in Dubai are intended for people who are emergency first responders, fitness professionals, nannies and caregivers, parents, guest service staff in hotels and leisure and sports staff. Whether you are an individual keen to learn new skills or a corporate client requiring First Aid courses in Dubai or internationally, then we can assist you and your staff to be prepared to save a life. We are pleased to announce that our experienced Trainers and our First Aid Courses in Dubai are approved by the Dubai Municipality Corporation of Ambulance Services, and is certified by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) in Dubai.