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About Manhole Watch Training Course

Manhole Watch Training Course :

Working as a manhole watch in accordance with EU directive 89/656 / EEC and Working Conditions. Before workers entering the confined space, there should be a manhole watch present. Also known as confined space entry attendant. The manhole is the statutory person who is present at the entry point of the confined spaceHe has supervision and can respond immediately when the dangers occur, but never himself may enter the confined space.

Course Overview :

  • Understand the legal requirements on manhole work.
  • Acquire knowledge on manholes, their hazards and consequences, control and mitigation measures.
  • Understand the need of having an effective manhole entry permit system.
  • Understanding the importance of hazards monitoring and communication and the respective roles they play to effect a rescue.
  • Legislation and Code of Practice on Confined Space Work.
  • Duties and Responsibilities of all personnel involved in confined space work.
  • Manhole Hazards Part A – Atmospheric Hazards.
  • Manhole Hazards Part B – Physical and Biological Hazards.
  • Confined Space Entry Permit System.
  • Prevention and Control of Manhole Hazards.
  • Use and Limitations of Gas Detection Instruments.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Selection, use, fit and maintenance of personal protective equipment use for work in manholes.
  • Accident Case Studies Of Accidents in Manholes.
  • Communication and Emergency Response Plan.